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Why Justin Timberlake Says His Son Will 'Never Play Football'

Count Justin Timberlake among the parents who have reservations about letting their children play football.

The pop singer, who is headlining this Sunday’s Super Bowl LII halftime show, told reporters this week that they should not expect his 2-year-old son Silas to ever suit up for a football game. At an NFL press event, a reporter asked Timberlake—who had just jokingly offered to take the field on Sunday as a wide receiver for the New England Patriots—whether or not he would be supportive if his son wanted a career in the NFL.

“Uh, he will never play football. No, no,” Timberlake said.

The singer-actor then laughed before expanding on that shut-down response. “It’s kind of like that thing where my main objective is that he become a great person,” Timberlake clarified. “And, if he wants to get into the arts or sports, then yeah, I would fully support that. I think I can hopefully offer him some advice on what to do and what not to do . . . but right now we’re working on our manners. That’s a big deal in our house right now.” Actress Jessica Biel is Timberlake’s wife and Silas’ mother.

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